“It’s such a diverting city! After we finished the shoot I had to come back for a reshoot and as the plane was landing it struck me, ‘I’m home’.”

– Anthony Hopkins

“…The city is simply amazing!”

– Hugh Jackman

“The architecture in the age of it and how pretty it is and the variety of locations we got…”

– Melissa Mccarthy

“I’m simply amazed, it’s a beautiful city! After the filming’s finished, if I have time, I would love to get to know the city better.”

– Keanu Reeves⠀

“Working and staying in Hungary was rewarding not only because of the helpful crew, but because of the architectural diversity of Budapest and the beautiful landscapes outside the city.” 

Viggo Mortensen

“I love Budapest. I wish I was there right now!”

– Jason Statham